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Windsor Where The Queen Lives!

Windsor, UK


Things Do To In Windsor

I am in Windsor today and on arriving at the train station I walked onto the platform and knew instantly I was in a different kind of place. Even the train station felt regal, the architecture was amazing.

On walking out of the station I could instantly see the castle standing there in all it's glory. No wonder the British feel so patriotic about it's monarch. It's a site that sent a shiver down my spine. Gorgeous. As an American I am very proud of my country but I wish we had history like the British.

I saw a tour bus (I don't normally like such things) but jumped on as it was very cheap and I am glad I did. It took me first to a place called Datchet and old village near Windsor where there is apparently a pub with a ghost in it! Onwards we went to another village called Eton where there is a collage and guess what... most of the monarchy are educated there (including Harry and William)! It was another short ride back into Windsor and I was dropped outside the castle.


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Windsor, UK

“Such A Nice English Town!”

Windsor, UK
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Windsor, UK
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Windsor, UK
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Windsor, UK
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Windsor, UK
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Such A Nice English Town!

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