Scrapbook: 2012 Travels

Week 1 - Melbourne

So... a little catch up on my week in Melbourne.

Day 1 - Woke in the morning to find it raining. I thought i'd left the rain back in the UK, apparently not. All those years of watching Neighbours has betrayed me! It was still stupidly hot, and who am I to let a little rain ruin my day, so off I went on my little exploration of Melbourne. I found a shopping mall that had one of the most bizarre layouts I've ever seen, but it also had a converse shop and a shot named after e. Well it was named Sussan, but some people just don't know how to spell! Found the sky tower, AKA Eureka Skydeck 88 (not that hard to miss really) You go up 88 floors in roughly 15 seconds - your ears will definitely pop! From there you can do the edge experience - you are put in a glass elevator and taken outside of the building.. JUST LIKE CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, but with no chocolate, and honestly not that exciting!

Day 2 - Shitty feelings of homesickness have started to sink in. I think its just dawned that its 3 months ALONE. 3 months seems like such a long time!! So I just moped around the hostel a little - as it turns out this was the best thing I could have done as I actually got to meet people! I met Barry from Ireland and Graham from Birmingham. Really lovely guys who kinda took me under their wing and made me feel so much better!

Day 3 - So I learnt a lot today! 1) The Grand prix was on in Melbourne meaning that the trams had all changed their routes. 2) It was St Patricks day and wearing my green dress might have been a mistake! Then you put the two together and you have me in my green dress on St Patrick's day attempting to get a tram to St Kilda! I got a tad lost and got asked if I was Irish quite a lot! I did, however, make it to St Kilda, sat down on the beach, in the sun, with an ice cream. Hard days work really. The evening however made good use of the green dress as Barry, Graham and myself decided to have a night on the town to celebrate - EVERYONE was wearing green. I think Australia make a far bigger deal of St Patricks Day. Odd.

Day 4 - Nice and early start to jump on the Great Ocean Road tour and it was absolutely stunning! I did a guided tour and there were multiple pros and cons to the guided tour. Pro: The tour guide knows what he's doing and the best places to go. Con: You can't decided how long the stops are and often find yourself either rushed, or waiting around for other people. Pro: It's a really good way of meeting people and making friends (Antonio, Toby). Con: You can't choose the people on your bus and could get stuck with really annoying people (Rude, annoying, American Cheerleaders). Either way, strongly recommend the Great Ocean Road. We saw wild Kangaroos and Koalas, drove past the 12 Apostles and stopped to make sure that the London Bridge had indeed fallen down. The highlight though had to be going past the lighthouse where they filmed round the twist! I can't even begin to explain how excited I got!!

Awkward Moment: Tour Guide Damon decided to ask me on a date.... Over the microphone in front of the whole bus. I politely declined and then ran off the bus hoping I didn't hurt his feelings!!

Day 5 - The day I had been looking forward to the most - the Neighbours tour!!! Unfortunately they were filming on the street so we couldn't actually walk down it, but i did get taken to the studios and also got to watch the filming on the street. Met Dr K - Legend, and Jade - not so much a legend but still pretty cool!