Scrapbook: 2012 Travels

Canberra and Sydney

Day 6 - Another early start as I left Melbourne and began the first of the very long bus journeys. I knew there wasn't much to do or see in Canberra, but as it was the capital I almost felt obligated to stop by.. I sat by 2 girls on the bus and as it turns out one of them was from Cheltenham... such a small world! There was genuinely nothing to do in Canberra, but the hostel was nice so that was a bonus!

Day 7 - Another travel day off to Sydney, and the sun is still shining!! I checked into the hostel (King's Cross Backpackers) and it was awful. You know when you walk into a room and just feel unclean.... well it was like that. The carpets looked dirty, the kitchen was unclean and I don't believe they always washed the linen. The bunk beds had no ladders or railings (hoisting yourself up using just the mattress was really fun...) And the people were just really rude - it was clear they were "working travellers" and had already formed little cliques that they just had no interest in getting to know new people. A very different feeling to Melbourne!

Day 8 - Weather went a tad downhill today but I still got myself out for a look around Sydney Harbour. Not going to lie - Sydney is a little overwhelming for me. There are so many people and their subway system..... Double Decker Trains! CRAAAZY!! So I saw Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House and then i explored a little more of the city. Then it started to rain so I popped into the cinema to stay dry... best idea EVER! The cinema was huge, had the comfiest seats and I got to see the Hunger Games 2 days before the rest of the UK!!!

Day 9 - I was told by the internet, the hostel workers and pretty much anyone that wanted to get their two cents in that it was going to absolutely chuck it down and that there was no point in going outside at all. Did I listen to them...? Of course not, I just packed my rain jacket as a precaution and got set in my way for the beach. Did it rain in the end...? Not a single drop, it was a B-E-A-UTIFUL day!!Bondi beach was not at all my cup of tea. It was far too crowded, barely any speace and no chance for peace and quiet. Decided to do the Bondi to Coogee Beach clifftop walk (5.5km there and 5.5km back) Just 10 minutes on this walk and you come across some MUCH nicer beaches - I really don't get what the fuss with Bondi Beach is! Met up with Antonio for drinks in the evening and spent most of the time explaining the differences between football/soccer/American Football/Rugby (well as best I could to my knowledge!) He is completely gorgeous, and if it wasn't for the language barrier I probably would have pounced on him!!

Day 10 - Saturday brought with it another day of gorgeous weather so I took the bus up north for a day trip to Palm Beach - Sydneys most northern beach, and coincidentally the setting for Home and Away (totally not planned at all ;P) At first I was quite irritated with the huge lack of information surrounding this beach - mainly because I had no idea of how to get there, but once I figured it out on my own, I was so grateful as it meant the beach was so peaceful. There was no mass of tourists like on Bondi Beach. I ended up just picking a spot and falling asleep. Fully expecting Sunburn soon!!

Day 11 - Bit of a nothing day today, wandered around the centre for a bit before resting in the hostel and then jumping on the greyhound to Newcastle. Newcastle YHA is quite a nice hostel, although I get the feeling it used to be a mental hospital which is a little un-nerving!