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Canberra and Sydney

Day 6 - Another early start as I left Melbourne and began the first of the very long bus journeys. I knew there wasn't much to do or see in Canberra, but as it was the capital I almost felt obligated to stop by.. I sat by 2 girls on the bus and as it turns out one of them was from Cheltenham... such a small world! There was genuinely nothing to do in Canberra, but the hostel was nice so that was a bonus!

Day 7 - Another travel day off to Sydney, and the sun is still shining!! I checked into the hostel (King's Cross Backpackers) and it was awful. You know when you walk into a room and just feel unclean.... well it was like that. The carpets looked dirty, the kitchen was unclean and I don't believe they always washed the linen. The bunk beds had no ladders or railings (hoisting yourself up using just the mattress was really fun...) And the people were just really rude - it was clear they were "working travellers" and had already formed little cliques that they just had no interest...

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Week 1 - Melbourne

So... a little catch up on my week in Melbourne.

Day 1 - Woke in the morning to find it raining. I thought i'd left the rain back in the UK, apparently not. All those years of watching Neighbours has betrayed me! It was still stupidly hot, and who am I to let a little rain ruin my day, so off I went on my little exploration of Melbourne. I found a shopping mall that had one of the most bizarre layouts I've ever seen, but it also had a converse shop and a shot named after e. Well it was named Sussan, but some people just don't know how to spell! Found the sky tower, AKA Eureka Skydeck 88 (not that hard to miss really) You go up 88 floors in roughly 15 seconds - your ears will definitely pop! From there you can do the edge experience - you are put in a glass elevator and taken outside of the building.. JUST LIKE CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, but with no chocolate, and honestly not that exciting!

Day 2 - Shitty feelings of homesickness have started to sink in. I think its...

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And so it begins.....

Slightly emotional. But that's probably due to an immense lack of sleep!

Landed at 6am in Kuala Lumpar and was told it was 24 degrees outside.... it was 6am!! you'd be lucky to get that temperature in the middle of the day back home! Short stop over, just enough time to grab a Burger King and then back on the plane.

Finally managed to check into the hostel (Hotel Discovery) at 11pm local time and blinking heck is it overly hot! I expected heat from Australia, but this really is something else. I'm trying to avoid jet lag as much as possible, so I think 11pm is a reasonable time to just sleep, then I guess all i have to do is wake up at an OK time tomorrow morning!!

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The End

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