Sunlight - 日光

Exchange student 2010 - 2011 ------- 東京、日本

My Trip To Tokyo

Better at night


Travelling in Tokyo

After arriving at Tokyo we took the subway to Tsukiji to visit the fish market, when we got there we couldn't decide which place to eat as there where so many diffrent options but we chose Sushi Dai which have a set menu for ten pieces of nigiri sushi chef selection and a soup was 3900 yen each.

After having a great meal we moved to Akihabara the Electronic town famous for its electronic shops from one man stalls to large electronic store outlets you can find anything to do with electronic in Akihabara.

It would be a shame to visit Tokyo without walking across the famous intersection named Shibuya Crossing because of its position outside Shibuya station. When the lights turn red all lanes stop and the crossing gets filled with pedestrians.

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