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Canberra and Sydney

Day 6 - Another early start as I left Melbourne and began the first of the very long bus journeys. I knew there wasn't much to do or see in Canberra, but as it was the capital I almost felt obligated to stop by.. I sat by 2 girls on the bus and as it turns out one of them was from Cheltenham... such a small world! There was genuinely nothing to do in Canberra, but the hostel was nice so that was a bonus!

Day 7 - Another travel day off to Sydney, and the sun is still shining!! I checked into the hostel (King's Cross Backpackers) and it was awful. You know when you walk into a room and just feel unclean.... well it was like that. The carpets looked dirty, the kitchen was unclean and I don't believe they always washed the linen. The bunk beds had no ladders or railings (hoisting yourself up using just the mattress was really fun...) And the people were just really rude - it was clear they were "working travellers" and had already formed little cliques that they just had no interest...

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Trip To Sydney

We arrived in Sydney in the morning and started to make our way over to the hotel around lunch time. We dropped of our bags and grabbed a coffee (oh yes they have Starbucks in Australia!).

In the afternoon we took a walk over to the Sydney tower which was amazing... you could see for miles. We were so tired from the jet-lag that we decided to take a snooze and try to recover (we ended up sleeping all day and night!!!)

The next day we took a trip over the the Aquarium, I do kind of regret this as they seem to be pretty much the same across the world but it you are into this kind of thing or have kid's it worth a visit.

Day three we decided to visit the Opera house... what an amazing piece of architecture!!! I loved it.

All in all an amazing but short trip to OZ!

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Trip to Sydney

Sydney is one of Australia's largest cities and there is loads of things to see and do it is renowned for its shopping and dining as for its architecture and unique atmosphere. The city is a very popular tourist destination holding some of Australia’s well known location its aquariums and zoos provide the finishing touches to a well-rounded experience.

While we was out there we got to see the Sydney Opera House which was amazing by the Sydney harbour it had beautiful views of the secluded breaches and bridge, there was massive cruise ships weaving in and out through the docks, the Circular Quay is the launch point for the ferries mainly for tourist to out and sightsee but we didn't feel this was for us.

A trip to Sydney wouldn't be complete if we didn’t visit the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens the location is just off Sydney harbour so easy to see in the same day while visiting the Opera House or maybe just after a tour. The collection of plants comes from around the world but...

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