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Visiting Kingston Upon Thames

Windsor Where The Queen Lives!


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The Tower of London

After we went to harry potter we went to the tower and we looked all around at traitors gate the bloody tower and we went to see the crown jewels they were absolutely amazing. Most of it was pure gold it was EPIC!!!

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London zoo

The next day we went to london zoo it was really cool the penguins were my favourite animal there. There pool was really cool. There was a show on and we saw them eating we were at the zoo all day and my shoulder hurt at the end carrying my backpack all day but it was ausome.

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Escaping London for the weekend

A quick weekend break to visit my brother in Geneva and escape the hustle of London for a weekend!

We took a day trip into France on the Saturday to go to a fresh spring swimming pool in the mountains in Combloux. The water was freezing but this was quite refreshing given the 34 degree heat! Perfect for kids too - they were all having a great time in the pool including my little 2 year old niece. The scenery from up here is so surreal that you feel like you are in the middle of a postcard surrounded by beautiful landscapes and mountains, including the famous Mont Blanc.

In the evening we headed back to Geneva and to a lovely Italian restaurant with a little play area for the children.

The next day I got up early (well for a Sunday anyway!) and took the train to Lausanne to see my friend who lives there. A quick stop at the Olympic Museum and a quick tour around his flat later ('do you ever miss England?' I ask as we look out at the incredible views of Lake Geneva. The answer...

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