How To ScrapMap

How do I upload/change a profile picture?

Click on the ScrapMyMap icon in the top right hand corner of your screen. This will take you to your ‘Edit your profile’ page. This is where you can edit your details and upload your profile picture.

How do I create a Scrapbook?

Click on our logo to be taken to your homepage. Click ‘Create a Scrapbook’ and begin your ScrapMapping journey!

How do I see my map page?

Your map page can be viewed by clicking the pinpoint icon on your top toolbar. Your map will highlight all of your Scrapbooks.

How do I follow someone?

Search for their name in the search bar at the top of the page. Your search results will be generated on a timeline. Click ‘follow’ by the person you are looking for.

How do I unfollow someone?

Click on your list of ‘following’ on your homepage and next to each person you will be given the option to unfollow them.

How do I share my Scrapbooks?

If you want to share your travel experiences with more people, then at the bottom of each Scrapbook there is an option to share your scrapbooks on Facebook.

How do I make it onto the ‘Top Scrapbooks’?

Top Scrapbooks are determined by the amount of ‘loves’ and the amount of ‘views’ a Scrapbook receives. The ‘love it’ button is at the bottom of each Scrapbook.

Site Ranking

You are ranked within the site based upon the amount of scrapbooks, posts, photos and tips your create. Although we do not disclose how our ranking system works, be assured the more content you create the higher up the rakings you will be. Be a rockstar and try to get to number one!

What are favourites?

Favourites are for Scrapbooks that you particularly like and may want to revisit. You can add a Scrapbook to your favourites by clicking ‘favourite it’ at the bottom of the Scrapbook. A list of all your favourites can be found by clicking the star icon on your top toolbar.

How are my cover photos decided for my Scrapbooks?

The cover photos are automatically set as the largest photo uploaded onto that Scrapbook.

What is scrapbook of the month?

Each month the ScrapMyMap Team will choose one Scrapbook as our ‘Scrapbook of the month’. This Scrapbook will be shared on our social media pages. The winner will receive a badge on their Scrapbook page. Only Scrapbooks available for the world to see will be considered. To opt out of this feature, click the Private option when creating your Scrapbooks.