Scrapbook: Quick weekend trip

Escaping London for the weekend

A quick weekend break to visit my brother in Geneva and escape the hustle of London for a weekend!

We took a day trip into France on the Saturday to go to a fresh spring swimming pool in the mountains in Combloux. The water was freezing but this was quite refreshing given the 34 degree heat! Perfect for kids too - they were all having a great time in the pool including my little 2 year old niece. The scenery from up here is so surreal that you feel like you are in the middle of a postcard surrounded by beautiful landscapes and mountains, including the famous Mont Blanc.

In the evening we headed back to Geneva and to a lovely Italian restaurant with a little play area for the children.

The next day I got up early (well for a Sunday anyway!) and took the train to Lausanne to see my friend who lives there. A quick stop at the Olympic Museum and a quick tour around his flat later ('do you ever miss England?' I ask as we look out at the incredible views of Lake Geneva. The answer was predictable) and I was back in Geneva in time for a lovely roast lunch. The public transport in Switzerland is so efficient - everything runs to the minute. Wouldn't that be a luxury!

The final stop was an afternoon visit to the largest playground I've ever been to where I discovered much to my embarrassment that my niece is a) better at riding a scooter than me b) nearly as fast as me at running. Yes the same 2 year old one.

All in all it was an absolutely lovely weekend and I went home on the Sunday night feeling refreshed (nothing like 2 days of mountain air instead of smog to really cleanse the body!)