Scrapbook: New York, New York!
New York

Hurricane Irene

After the earthquake a few days ago (which we admittedly didn't even notice because we were too busy shopping in the six storey Forever 21), we have another natural disaster on its way - Hurricane Irene. This has been coming up the east coast of America leaving a path of destruction and we are all hoping that it loses speed by the time it hits New York.

Just in case, we have decided to go out for a large late afternoon meal before we go and hibernate in our home, as Irene is expected to hit NYC some time around 2am. We head to a place which serves amazing ribs and seafood and which is one of the few places still open. 4 very full bellies later we go back to the apartment to settle in for a long night.

If you forget about the reason behind why we are doing it, there is actually something quite fun about being 'locked in.' We stay up for hours playing board games and card games, and talking about all sorts of things including reminiscing about our school days, whilst nibbling on chocolate. It almost feels like we have gone back in time before the whole technology era really kicked off, and there is something quite pleasing about it.

We wanted to wait up and see the storm through (we have heard that they are downgrading Irene to a tropical storm) but tiredness defeats us and we all make our way to bed. After all that anticipation and I ended up sleeping through the whole thing!

The next morning I wake up feeling very lucky and fortunate to have been able to stay safely inside with my friends and bypass the storm's frenzy and think of those who weren't as lucky. As we go outside and see all the fallen trees and debris, it is scary to think just how dangerous Hurricane Irene really was.