Scrapbook: New York, New York!
New York

Big lights will inspire you

We love New York!

We have done so many fun things in New York and are quickly falling in love with this city (even if our hearts still lie in California).

Yesterday we went to Times Square and saw all the hustle and bustle, the bright lights and the performers. The place is so exciting and you can see that this really is the city of people passionately chasing their dreams. So we in turn went on and passionately followed ours - shopping until we dropped in New York City! From the six storey Forever 21 to the best candy store in the world, Dylan's Candy Bar, we barely sat down for a moment and were completely exhausted (but really happy with our purchases!) by the time we got back to the hotel.

Another day we went up the Rockefeller Centre to the Top of the Rock. People recommend going to the Empire State Observatory deck but I would recommend going up the Rockefeller Centre instead because then you can see the views of the city with the Empire State building in them. The views of Central Park and the rest of Manhattan are amazing from up there.

Central Park itself is also beautiful and a perfect place to spend a day in the sun. There are lots of people everywhere but there is still a calm atmosphere about it and we had a really lovely afternoon relaxing and walking around.

In the next few days we are going to visit the Ground Zero site where the twin towers used to be. I remember visiting a few years ago and it was so poignant and moving. It is very sad but very important to help you understand and empathise with the events that occurred and those who were directly and indirectly affected by them.

On a lighter note, we also have a trip to Staten Island planned so we can ride past the Statue of Liberty. I am very excited - I have never seen this monument before. I can finally take my own pictures of an image I have seen so many times before - watch this space!