Scrapbook: My favourite place in the world!
Santa Barbara, CA

Feeling Cultural

Today we decided to be cultural as so far we had seen more of the beaches, shops and inside of bars than anything else!

Our first stop on the cultural trip was the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. This might sound a bit peculiar but this building is over 80 years old and has incredible Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, with beautifully lush ‘sunken gardens’ in front of the Courthouse. Plenty of photo opportunities here.

Next we ventured to the Presidio of Santa Barbara, which although most of the original rooms had been destroyed, was really interesting. It had reconstructed the rooms and there were signs and information telling you all about Santa Barbara’s history and the Santa Barbara Mission, which the Presidio was built to protect. If you are interested in history and culture then this is a place to visit and it is only a quick tour – one hour at most.

Our final stop was the Mission Santa Barbara itself. This was the tenth of 21 Franciscan missions in California and was founded in the late 18th century. We went on a tour around the buildings and statues, and the church which is its primary function today. We then walked around the gardens in front which had beautiful flowers and water features. A great day for the camera!