Scrapbook: My favourite place in the world!
Santa Barbara, CA

Back in Santa Barbara!

After 7 weeks in the USA we weren’t ready to return to the UK just yet, so we decided to prolong our trip and fly back to Santa Barbara for two weeks with the airline vouchers we had been given by Delta. My friend and I met at LAX and then got a bus to the Amtrak terminal where we boarded the train for the trip up the coast to Santa Barbara. The Amtrak is so nice in the USA, not at all like the train operators we have over here in the UK. The seats are so comfortable and spacious and the tickets are really good value as well (about $20 for the journey if I remember correctly).

Anyway, we made it to Santa Barbara, taking in the beautiful scenic views on the way. From there we got a cab to our new ‘home’ for two weeks. After spending the last 7 weeks in hotels we had decided to opt for a holiday rental for these two weeks primarily so we could cook for ourselves as we were getting bored (and fat!) from eating out so much. In a place like Santa Barbara, if you can find a holiday rental close to the beach, I would definitely recommend going for that over a hotel.

Our place was so cute. The owner had created a ‘tropical garden’ theme in the gardens, and we had the back garden and patio to ourselves to relax. We also met the owner’s dog, Sugar, who was pretty yappy but one of the most adorable dogs ever! It didn’t take us long to feel settled in our temporary pad!