Scrapbook: East meets West
Dubai, Dubai

Hello Dubai!

We arrived in Dubai yesterday and stayed the night at a hotel by the airport as we arrived in the middle of the night. A long sleep and room service later and we were ready to hit the road!

Our driver picked us up and we journeyed off on a short tour to visit some of the Sheikhs' estates (as far as we were allowed), the Burj al-Arab and the Souk markets. It was such a different shopping experience to usual walking through the markets and seeing all the spices, ornaments and clothes on offer, and haggling with the shopkeepers over the price.

The estates were really impressive. It is really amazing how much the Sheikhs are worshipped over here. We weren't allowed too close though as there were armed guards. The Burj-al Arab was also really impressive. In fact, I think that word describes most of Dubai's buildings! The luxury, rumoured 7-star hotel has an underwater aquarium restaurant and helipad which turns into a rooftop tennis court. How cool is that?!