Scrapbook: East meets West
Dubai, Dubai

Desert Safari

Today we went on a desert safari. I had been on the tour a few years before and remembered it being really fun but was more than happy to go again, especially since my friends had never been.

Every group had their own Jeep and we all followed each other up and down the dunes. It felt like being on a rollercoaster and at times I found myself clinging on to my seatbelt! It didn't help that the first song playing on the radio was Kesha’s ‘Die Young’. It was a really fun ride though and we got some awesome pictures of the Desert as well.

When we arrived at the site we had a meal of traditional food around a stage where belly dancers performed, with hookah pipes and a lady doing henna tattoos. We also went 'sand sledging', a slightly bizarre but awesome thing to do!

All in all it was a really perfect evening.