Scrapbook: Indochina Peninsula Wanderer

Siem Reap

The final part of our tour and the bit I had been looking forward to the most... and it didn't disappoint!

When we arrived at our hotel we took the opportunity for a few hours R&R by the swimming pool before a group meal together and visit to the famous 'Bar Street'. What an incredible place! Bars, restaurants and nightclubs all down the street and a huge street party until late at night. We all danced in the street together and with people from all different nationalities - such a surreal and fun experience!

The next day we headed to the famous UNESCO Angkor site to visit the religious temples and remains of the Khmer Empire. These were absolutely breathtaking, just as I had imagined from pictures I had previously seen. Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, was the highlight of the trip. Words cannot describe the beauty of these religious sites - you will have to visit them for yourself!

On our final day we went to visit the Cambodian War museum before treating ourselves to an afternoon of shopping, pampering (massages and facials - super cheap!) and more time by the pool. Then one last visit to Bar Street to see off the trip!

With awe inducing religious sites, buildings with such intricate architecture, beautiful people and culture, and great parties, Cambodia is one of my favourite places I have ever been and I would recommend to anyone!