Scrapbook: Indochina Peninsula Wanderer

Hoi An and Nha Trang - my favourite places in Vietnam!

After Hue we took a bus down to Hoi An where we were staying for two nights. Hoi An was unlike where we had been so far in Vietnam in that it was a bit more Westernised and there were a lot of tourists there. The city was so exciting with bright lights, bustling markets, bars and tons of shops. We started with a walking tour of the town before heading back to the tailors to get some new clothes. It's amazing how quickly they can tailor make clothes here!

The next morning we went on a cycle ride through the countryside which was incredible! We saw water buffaloes, ducklings, lotuses, herb gardens and several other flowers, animals and plantation.

The rest of Hoi An we spent on the beach (which we walked to - 6km!), walking through the town and shopping, eating and checking out the nightlife. I also managed to fit in some pampering time before the dreaded night train to Nha Trang!

Despite the fears of the night train I actually arrived in Nha Trang feeling refreshed and unscathed. A quick change of clothes and breakfast later and we were whisked off for a boat tour.

This was the best thing so far! We went on a tour around one of the islands, sunbathed on the boat, had another delicious lunch on the boat and best of all went snorkeling. I saw lots of fish but luckily no sharks in this part of the sea! In the evening we we went to a lovely beach restaurant with a swimming pool and pool table. Such a yummy dinner! Final stop of the long day was the night markets and a late night ice cream 🍦

Onto today and we began our second day in Nha Trang visiting a Buddhist temple with the largest Buddha I've ever seen and incredible views of the whole city. This afternoon we are heading to the hot springs - cant wait!