Scrapbook: Indochina Peninsula Wanderer

Hanoi and Halong Bay

Made it safely to Hanoi after 14 hours flying with an airplane company I hadn't heard of and a stopover in Moscow, and spent the afternoon wandering around the Hoan Kiem Lake near our hotel. Such a picturesque place especially given it is in the middle of such a manic city that I feel super lucky every time I successfully manage to cross a road without being run over! I was sitting by the lake and Vietnamese students kept coming up to me to talk and practise their English. They were so friendly and cute!

Went back to the hotel and met my tour group which consists of 10 girls and 1 guy (poor him!). Everyone is so nice on the tour which is great. They are mostly from Australia and I am sharing a room with an Australian 27 year old teacher called Sam. Turns out this tour company is Australian.. Go figure.

We all headed out for a Vietnamese feast and then to some of the local bars. One thing led to another and next thing we know we are on a 4 hour bus trip to Halong Bay in the morning feeling very fragile!

Halong Bay was so beautiful. We spent the day on a boat cruise and exploring the lit caves. There are 2000 islands in the bay, crazy! Everything here looks like a scene from a postcard. It feels like a completely different world to London!

Spent the evening at a seafood restaurant where you pick your fish from buckets where they are still alive. Kind of freaky but tasted delicious once cooked! Headed back for an early night to feel fresh ready for our trip back to Hanoi in the morning :)