Scrapbook: Trip to Nepal

Exploring The Golden Temple and National Park

On our first day in Nepal we visited the Golden Temple which is a Buddhist monastery just north of Durbar Sq, our tour guide told us the Temple has been standing since the 1400's. To enter the Temple we had to walk through a very narrow stone doorway the two huge lions by the entrance are amazing.

Look out for the tortoises around the compound these are the guardians on the temple, the main priest is a young boy under the age of twelve, who serves for thirty days then hands down the job to the next younger boy. The architecture and structures in the temple are definatly worth seeing if travelling to Nepal.

On the last day we went on a safari in Chitwan National Park we got to ride on elephants through the whole park seeing the rare one-horned rhinos inside the park and wild elephants, hyenas, leopards and many diffrent species of birds. It was a great experience ridding ontop of an elepant.