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Puchong to Baling by Bus



Puchong to Baling by Bus

Puchong is one of the major towns and a parliamentary constituency in Malaysia. It is strategically located in the Petaling district of Selangor Malaysia. It is believed that the first settlers in the area were the Orang Asli Community, which is a village that existed in the year 1900. In the later years, immigrants explored the city from Sumatah and Java. As soon as I set my foot down in beautiful city one thing that I noticed was, most of the people here were fishermen, either rubber tappers or miners. In recent years, there have been major advancements in the mining industry bringing in major immigrants from China and Pakistan. The city has quite a few recreational centers like the Rakan Muda sports complex that is where most of the locals as well as tourists indulge in a game of Badminton. My visit to the Rakam Muda Sports Complex marked the end of my journey in Puchong.

The next city on my list was Baling which is an ancient mythological town located in Malaysia. I booked my...

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