Scrapbook: Visiting Kingston Upon Thames
Kingston Upon Thames

Thing to see in Kingston Upon Thames

Kingston is on the border of London situated in the south-west region, we had a nice relaxing time there, on our day trip there we shopped quite abit since the main strech contained many diffrent shops and its own bigger shopping center called the Bentalls Center. It's a vibrant market town being one of Londons liveliest boroughs.

We got a chance to feed the swans by the river thames although frowned on by some people, the swans always stay in the same area for many years and a big icon of Kingston.

There is a market which is open six days a week inside the market Square area of Kingston they sell the standard flowers, fruit, vegetables and clothing. And sometimes the more unusual stalls. The prices are very reasonable, I would recommend you visit during a weekday if you want to avoid the manic crowds of people that influx in on the weekends, crowds usually arrive around 11am.