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One Night In Paris

Paris, France


My Tips For One Day And Night In Paris

So I have one day and one night in Paris. I know I had to go and visit the usual stuff (well I hadn't seen it before). So off I went to the Eiffel Tower. It's pretty cool but in all honestly I don't feel like I gained anything from the experience. I have seen it so many times in pictures I felt like I had been there before.

Next stop was to go and see the Moulin Rouge, the area is quiet seedy but I really liked the building but never managed to book a show.

A quick tram and I went to see the "Locks Of Love Bridge" Pont de l'Archevêché. I put a lock on there many years ago with my ex wife and decided it may be time to take it off (yes I took the key with me). Thankfully some good samaritan had done it for me (you have no idea how much I am chuckling to myself whilst I write this!).

In the evening I ate in my hotel (Shangri-La Hotel Paris) it's such a good hotel and I paid so much money for it I decided just to chill and relax. Good food, wine and a nice comfy bed.

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Paris, France

“No Lock Of Love For Me!”

Paris, France
Paris, France - Eiffel-Tower-Paris-France
Paris, France
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Paris, France
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Paris, France
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No Lock Of Love For Me!

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