Scrapbook: My Sidney Trip
Sidney, Australia

Trip To Sydney

We arrived in Sydney in the morning and started to make our way over to the hotel around lunch time. We dropped of our bags and grabbed a coffee (oh yes they have Starbucks in Australia!).

In the afternoon we took a walk over to the Sydney tower which was amazing... you could see for miles. We were so tired from the jet-lag that we decided to take a snooze and try to recover (we ended up sleeping all day and night!!!)

The next day we took a trip over the the Aquarium, I do kind of regret this as they seem to be pretty much the same across the world but it you are into this kind of thing or have kid's it worth a visit.

Day three we decided to visit the Opera house... what an amazing piece of architecture!!! I loved it.

All in all an amazing but short trip to OZ!