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Trip To Kuala Lumpar

Kuala Lumpar


Visiting Kuala Lumpar

Amazing! We are staying at the Somerset Ampang and the first thing you will notice is how nice the pool is! Like a tranquil haven in a city!

Kuala Lumpur has a kind of first world feel.... more westernised than other places in the region which is a welcome break! I decided the first thing I should go and see is the KL Tower - such a crazy feat of engineering and architecture. The towering building makes this city feel so modern!

Go shopping everything is very cheap! I have managed to get so many things that back home would cost me a fortune. I brought so many pairs of shoes and electronics.... the money I saved from if I brought this stuff back home is about the same price as my flight!

English is not a problem and most of the locals speak well...

It’s a very unique city, and one that is vibrant, affordable, and full of great shopping and late-night adventures.

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Kuala Lumpar

“The food is cheap and good.”

Kuala Lumpar
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Kuala Lumpar
Kuala Lumpar - Somerset_Ampang
Kuala Lumpar
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Kuala Lumpar
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Kuala Lumpar
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Kuala Lumpar
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Kuala Lumpar
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The food is cheap and good.

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