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My London Trip



The long journey home

On the last day we set off at 9 o'clock and in the boring end after all the traffic we got home at 5 30 at night an 8 and a half journey but overall I would give it 10000000000 out of 10 it was amazing.

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London zoo

The next day we went to london zoo it was really cool the penguins were my favourite animal there. There pool was really cool. There was a show on and we saw them eating we were at the zoo all day and my shoulder hurt at the end carrying my backpack all day but it was ausome.

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After the tower we went to eat at a Italian restaurant and I had pizza after that we went to the theatre to see Matilda when I entered the theatre it was so cool it was like the Wembly of acting it was the most amazing experience of my life it was so good by far the best play or musical I have ever seen!!

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The Tower of London

After we went to harry potter we went to the tower and we looked all around at traitors gate the bloody tower and we went to see the crown jewels they were absolutely amazing. Most of it was pure gold it was EPIC!!!

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Harry Potter

On the second day we went to the harry potter experience it was ABSOLUTLY AMAZING it was so cool because everything there was actually in the film. And there was thousands of potions with handwritten labels. All the masks look really realistic and were all real in the film.

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Hotel Ibis

After we went to Tate modern we went to our hotel called hotel Ibis it was night except from the last night were someone smashed the fire alarm and it went off at 2 30 in the morning and we called the fire bregaded. And just before that that same night we had a crash so that night was a bit of a handful.

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Tate Modern

First after the long journey to London which took 5 houres we went to tate modern it really cool I am not really a arty person but a lot of it i thought how is that art. There was one were it was just a blank piece of paper and 4 dots on it weird but that was great fun.

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Getting Closer

It is getting closer and closer now 27th of november is just around the corner now and I have a lot to get with my mum. Lots and lots of clothes a suitcase with wheels on it and fingers crossed a wonzie. The big day is coming!!!

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Can't wait

I cannot wait til My London Trip. I'm going to see Mitilda at the theatre and I am going to see The Harry Potter Studios and I am going to London Zoo and The Tower of London and we are having a tour round London.

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The End

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