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Tg Malim, Malaysia


Tg Malim, Malaysia
Tg Malim, Malaysia - photo__26_

Eat until you drop!!

The journey that called as "Kembara Pulau Mutiara" started during my way to Ipoh for Diwali - so called festival of lights; celebrated by Hindus. My first check point is Yik Mun - The Famous Tg Malim Pau 1926; about 70km from the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Exit at Tg Malim toll, Yik Mun in Tanjung Malim, Perak, has been around since 1926. It serving delicious pau and simple Hainanese fare to the local community, and as time progressed, to mostly tourists who stopped by for cup of coffee or tea. A corner lot on Jalan Slim River serves very very famous for their pau, and Hainanese fare such as Roti Kahwin, Mee Hainan and .... Other than their famous Pau Kari Ayam, they have other fillings as well, from red bean to minced beef curry (pau kari daging). The pau was soooo fluffy and soft skin one, perfect as tea-time accompaniment to a piping hot cup of Hainanese tea or coffee. You should try this!!!

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Tg Malim, Malaysia
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Tg Malim, Malaysia
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