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Trip to Italy



Travelling in Italy

My trip to Italy was awesome we visited the Canals of Venice named as The City of Water the italian architecture was beautiful, Venice was lovely with all the canals that surrounded the city. It's insane that Venice has more tourists than actual residents being one of the number one spots to see when visiting Italy.

We also had the chance to see the Collosseum in Rome one of the largest and most known amphitheatre built by the romans mostly known for the gladiatorial games that happend inside.

The last location we saw was the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral which was amazing and had awesome designs painted by hand on the ceilings the building is a symbol to the city with the dome being ones of the largest domes built by bricks in the world.

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“Visiting the Collosseum”

Italy - Venice-Italy-canal-water-city-buildings_1280x1024
Italy - Colosseum_in_Rome__Italy_-_April_2007
Italy - Duomo__inside__Santa_Maria_del_Fiore__Florence__Italy
Italy - 43301-The-Inside-Of-Basilica-Di-San

Visiting the Collosseum

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