Scrapbook: Travelling to Shanghai

Travelling to Shanghai

When we arrived to Shanghai during the night the city was lit up with lights, it is one of the largest cities in china. After sleeping overnight at one of the hotels, we went on to visiting the Jade Buddha Temple known for its large statue of Buddha carved out of pure jade which was an amazing sight and main attraction of the temple.

China's most premier shopping district the Nanjing Road which is a three and a half mile long road which starts at the east and ends at the west, Is a must see for any shopper all over the world. Neon signs illuminate the buildings and the night skyline of the city on this road.

The last location we visited while at Shanghai was the Shangai national Museum which holds a collection of over 120,000 pieces. The most intresting being the jades, paintings, outfits, foreign art and furniture designs.