Scrapbook: Trip to Toronto

Trip to Toronto

When we arrived in Toronto we knew the first thing we wanted to see was the Niagra Falls, we rented out a car and it was about a 90 minute drive from Toronto when we got there it was full of tourists being one of the number one places to see in Toronto it was expected. I was amazed when one of the guides told us that 750,000 gallons of water slide of the cliff every second! Some tourists decided to get a helicopter ride above the Niagra Falls which must of been awesome but is also very enjoyable from the ground, you can get metres away from the fall.

The next day for breakfasts we made sure to try out the local maple syrup on our morning pancakes, it was so tasty. After having breakfast we visited the CN tower which is now the second tallest tower in the world after the Burj in Dubai, you can go straight to the top and the views are stunning. For the adrenaline junkies out there you can walk out and do an EdgeWalk where they put you in safety harrnesses and make you lean out of the building as if you where ready to jump off!