Scrapbook: Macritchie Reservoir Park to Hawpar Villa by Bus

Macritchie Reservoir Park to Hawpar Villa by Bus

Macritchie Reservoir Park

The Macritchie Reservoir Park is full of greenery and you can hardly spot any human dwelling in the vicinity. You ask the locals about this park and they will immediately talk about its serene view. It is Asia’s largest water catchment system that captures rain water and is a ‘Go-To’ destination for athletes and people who love to indulge in water sports. If you have ever felt like walking over the trees your dream will be fulfilled here – thanks to the tree top walks. The tree top walk is basically an Ariel free suspension bridge that is 300 metres above ground level. The bridge is 11 kms long and is also known as the Macritchie trails. If you go deeper into the catchment area you will most likely come across monkeys, squirrels and lizards. If you are lucky and have gone on the right time of the day you might even spot an owl.

Water sports lovers generally have a fun time here – thanks to Kayaking sessions. It is an excellent place for somebody wanting to take a stroll amidst plush green landscapes. The central catchment nature reserve has some rubber trees growing along the borders of the reservoir.

Public Bus Nos. 52, 74, 93, 157, 130 are the buses that will take you to Macritchie Reservoir Park

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Hawpar Villa

Set out on an incredible journey and explore the history and mythology of the Chinese constructed in the year 1937 the Villa is famous for its horrendous display of the ten quotes of hell. Though most of it is scary the theme park also has some tasteful scenes. MADAME White snake is one of them. Situated on top of a hill in Pasirpanjang the Villa derives its name from the brothers Burma Born aw also the creators of Tiger Balm. The Villa was given a face-lift in the year 1985. You can board a guided tour that will take you around the Hawpar Villa. Admission to the park is completely free. The Hawpar Villa is the only theme park in the whole of Asia that will give you this deep of an insight into the Chinese culture. Earlier known as the tiger Balm gardens the Hawpar villa houses more than 100 statues. The park opens at 9:00 am and shuts down at 9:00 pm seven days a week. The scariest place in the Hawpar Villa is the sixth quote of hell or ‘Yama’ which depicts people thrown on to a tree of knives body sawn into two. The two punishments are given to people who cheat, curse, abduct others, waste food and misuse books.

Public Bus Nos. 103, 75, 76 will take you to Hawpar Villa Station.