Scrapbook: The land of Oz
Sydney to Cairns

Whitsunday Islands

You cannot even think about doing Eastern Australia without a trip to the Whitsundays! Whitehaven beach is probably the most beautiful place I've been to, with its clear blue water and sparkling white sand. On the way there we stopped at Aboriginal caves to see cave paintings dating back thousands of years and did a bit of snorkelling off the boat to see some wild stingrays and coral reef.

We took a boat called the Avatar, which was an experience for me to say the least, having turned up for the trip with a phone charger and hair straighteners.. It turns out I shared a single bed in the pantry with another girl, and we were limited to 30 second showers, the only cure for which obviously was to drink plenty of goon (cheap Australian wine rumoured to be made with fish eggs) on the deck after our captain Kev had retired to his luxury headquarters. Tip for high maintenance travellers, DON'T take the Avatar, but definitely do the Whitsundays!!