Scrapbook: The land of Oz
Sydney to Cairns

Blue Mountains

The blue mountains have to be a highlight of the trip for me. This was my first daytime excursion since arriving in Australia, the first few days being made up of sleeping and drinking. However I genuinely can't think of a better jetlag/hangover cure than a trip up these beauties, and thought they were definitely worth a write up!

The day started at 7am when we met our tour guide, an Australian legend who grew up in the mountains, and began our ascent upwards, stopping off for lunch supplies and suncream, optimistically as it was Australian midwinter.. We also spotted some wild ponies and kangaroos on our way up, the novelty of which never wears off! When we finally stopped climbing and got out, we were all totally blown away with the views, and no matter how many photos we took they can never really do it justice. We were lucky enough to see a beautiful rainbow waterfall running down one of the mountains, although our luck soon ran out as we encountered a funnel web spider lurking in a cave a bit later on.. Overall though the day was a solid 10/10. I'd definitely go back, as although it's hard to believe, but the mountains are meant to be even more beautiful in the spring/summer!