Scrapbook: A trip to the States
California, Arizona and Nevada

Arriving in California

We started off our trip to America by driving from LAX down to Newport beach, about an hour's drive made easier by the hundreds of American radio stations available in our hire car. We decided not to stay in LA itself, choosing to take advantage of some of the local beaches instead, far more relaxing! One of the first things we did on arriving at Newport was hit a mall, spending hours in Macy's alone, and trying not to spend the holiday allowance purely on Benefit makeup..

After we exhausted all Newport Beach had to offer, we travelled south in our 'pimp wagon' (a Dodge minivan, the only thing my Dad could find that would fit all of us in) to La Jolla beach near San Diego. This was absolutely gorgeous, as we arrived just in time to see the sunset over the beach, and encountered some of the local seal life too. We were also in time for happy hour, so spent the rest of the evening sipping $5 cocktails, ideal!