Scrapbook: Trip to Singapore

Trip to Singapore

After landing at Singapore Airport I was amazed at how fast the lagguage arrived off the plane the whole process was much faster than any experiences I've had in other countries. The airport was a great first taste of the city. Jumping into our taxi and heading out to the hotel the view of the city was amazing having visited new york city before the light and scenary in Singapore beats everything else taking it to a whole other level.

I would recommend anyone visiting Signapore to visit the Botanic Gardens founded in 1859 is one of national park with some amazing scenary and plantations as there is no admission fee there is no excuse not to visit the garden.

While out in Signapore the prices of electronics are cheap so it is a wise choice if deciding to buy any kind of eletronic to do so while visiting singapore, another great visit is the Signapore Flyer which is very similar to the London Eye but much larger being one of the world's largest observation wheels.