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Visiting Argentina

OK don't have much time today to blog but wanted to write down a few things about my trip to Argentina whilst still fresh in my mind.

I have eaten better than I ever have before the food is amazing in Argentina and it's a tip I can highly recommend. I have also been ripped off my times than I have ever been before... be careful of the taxi drivers I have been given fake pesos most times I have been given change lol... but it doesn't matter the shops seem to accept them as real currency.

I visited Evita's grave which was an amazing experience... but I would recommend to take the tour even if you don't speak too much Spanish (I don't).

The people in Argentina are so friendly but I found that English was not widely spoken and communication was sometimes difficult. But all in all I would recommenced that Argentina is a place to visit.

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“Nice But A Bit Corrupt”

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Nice But A Bit Corrupt

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