Scrapbook: Trip To Prague

Night Out In Prague

Me and my mates have come out to Prague for the weekend and it's we wanted one thing from this trip and one thing only.... gorgeous girls!

Being from England we don't like to admit it but Eastern European girls are much better looking than their British counter parts! They have a womanly charm and warmth that you just can find at home... plus even the girls that are classed a ugly are usually 8 or 9 out of 10.

We slept all day after we arrived because we had been on a the lash the night before back home and when 7pm came around the fun began. We first went to the main centre where we had something to eat at U Fleků before having a few pints at a pub close by.

Later in the night we went to a club called Nebe Křemencova which was amazing... it was a kind of music and cocktail bar... and as boys together I think we all managed to at least get one kiss (granted some of us only on the cheek) from a Czech girl. There is more to tell but I don't think I should really kiss and tell.

If you and some mates are looking to get away for the weekend then go to Prague.... It won't dissapoint.