Scrapbook: Travelling to Patagonia

Trip to Patagonia

Argentina is an amazing place to visit, we saw the Perito Moreno Glacier lucky enough to be there on a clear day which enhanced the views making it an amazing experience the pathways that lead from the lake up to the restaurant are metal pathways so the location is well maintained and easy to navigate. There is lots of space for everyone to take a picture there are benches for resting or stopping for a snack, as walking either to the top or bottom the views are amazing and always changing. It is a un-missable location.

We also hiked Cerro Fitz Roy Mountains, it was a three day trek in El Chalten and Fitz Roy it was a hard climb but was well worth it. The mountain itself is visible from very far away I found it much more interesting than the glaciers and the challenge of reaching the top, the mountain dominates the town and its backdrop the walk was lovely the hardest part was the lakes which was very steep and gets very icy and slippery